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The Epiphany Foundation's programs are designed to unlock potential and inspire hope that ignites change for a life of purpose and abundance.
Partners in Education 

The Partners in Education program promotes universal primary education and prepares women and girls to pursue higher education opportunities.  The program provides support in various areas as participants prepare for enrollment and completion of course work at primary, secondary, and post- secondary institutions.  


The Epiphany Foundation also adopts schools in target communities, providing resources to alleviate barriers to education and to improve the quality of education for students served.

Self-Discovery Workshop

​The Self-Discovery workshop mentors girls, Grades 9-12, and leads them through the self-discovery process to unlock their potential and discover their divine purpose.


The program is designed to empower girls to make positive choices and to break cycles of negative behavior that perpetuate poverty and other socio-economic limitations. Our goals are:


  • To challenge preconceived ideas of limitation and self-worth

  • To explore personal  power and potential and discover divine purpose

  • To encourage dreaming the impossible

  • To empower girls to accomplish the unimaginable

Entrepreneur Development

The Entrepreneur Development program promotes economic independence and sustainability. The program is designed to help women create stability and financial freedom for themselves and their families by providing small business development assistance and resources that bring their dreams of business ownership from concept to reality. 


The program provides participants with the tools necessary to develop, market, and manage a small business, as well as seed grant funding to launch their small business. 

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